Cubicle Track Systems

Opal Cubicle Track Systems

Opal cubicle track systems are in use in many hospitals throughout the world, including major London hospitals. Opal is now firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle track, due to its unique blend of properties – innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliability.

Many specifiers now insist on Opal, citing both its inherent design strengths and its long-term cost effectiveness. It is the only track on the market with roller wheel curtain hooks fitted as standard, giving two distinct advantages: free-running curtains, and zero maintenance. Even after years of intensive use, curtains on Opal roller hooks do not jam, and the tracks never need lubricating – only normal cleaning procedures are necessary.

Despite Opal’s slim and attractive appearance it is one of the strongest and safest tracks available. The rigid, high-grade aluminium profile will span 3m with ease, and the wall fittings are manufactured from die-cast aluminium rather than plastic. Designed from the outset with infection control in mind, the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel, and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.

Opal 2310 Cubicle Track Systems

Not only do nursing staff prefer the ease of use and dependability of Opal 2310 – many installers would rather fit Opal than any other track.

Its simple and elegant design is not only easy and quick to install – it is also more satisfying. The rigid track section does not flex or sag, and the ability to span 3m means that ceiling suspension points are reduced to a minimum.

The die-cast aluminium wall shoes hold the track securely and safely, whilst the slim and effective aluminium suspension hangers exceed NHS strength requirements. Opal fully complies with the requirements of HTM66.

Opal Shower Tracks

Opal shower tracks are ideally suited to all contract aplications.

Utilising the strong and rigid Opal 2310 profile, they have a hygienic, wipeclean, white powder-coated finish as standard. Roller wheel curtain hooks remove any need to lubricate the track, and ensure effortless movement of the shower curtains.

Opal shower tracks are available from stock in a range of standard sizes including straight tracks, L-shapes and a U-shape. They are supplied with fittings packs to suit each track and are simple and easy to install. Bespoke tracks may be manufactured to order

Opal 2320 Mobile Cubicle Track System

The mobile dividing rails of the Opal 2310 cubicle track system are a unique feature that revolutionises space utilisation in hospital wards.

Cubicle widths can be altered in seconds by nursing staff in response to changes in medical requirements such as patient care or amount of equipment needed. If a spare dividing rail is provided, an extra bed-space can be brought quickly into use if required – with patient privacy maintained.

The system comprises a track, with curtains, across the front of a row of bed cubicles, and a back track, without curtains, fixed to the wall behind the beds. Mobile trolleys run within special slots in these tracks, and carry the mobile dividing rails, with curtains, smoothly and quietly on neoprene-tyred wheels.

Opal 2320 And Overhead Hoist Systems

Many hospitals are struggling with the conflicting requirements of patient lifting hoists and cubicle curtain tracks. When a hoist track crosses a line of beds, as shown, the hoist itself or its apparatus is unable to pass over the cubicle track dividing rail.

This is where Opal 2320, with its mobile dividing rails, has the answer.

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