Olympian 4000 - Security Shutters

Olympian 4000 Security Shutters


Today, more than ever before, we need physical security to protect against vandalism, burglary or just for privacy and peace of mind. Increasingly, existing buildings are having security upgraded and new buildings are being designed to incorporate security. Security shutters meet many of these threats to property and person. The emphasis behind our range of shutter designs is on integration into your building and way of life; unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use. Not bolted on as an afterthought but designed, manufactured and installed to complement the building and ensure they are effective and secure in daily use. Modular in their design, security shutters can easily be adapted to suit many different applications and size requirements.

Making Security Effortless

Shutters that are frequently operated are greatly enhanced in use by automation. Opal employs the Somfy range of motors and controls. Somfy is widely regarded as the worldwide market leader in tubular motors and control systems for the automation of security shutters. Single motor systems through to group command activated motors for multiple shutters, are all backed with Somfy’s comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind. All powered shutter systems are CE marked in accordance with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992.

Light, Vision and Security

Balancing the demands of security and display with a solution which meets concerns about crime yet still presents an ‘open for window shopping’ appearance is the strength of see-through security shutters. Demanded by planners, or an opportunity for generating trade - vision is promoted with a range of designs suited to almost every application. Retail shop fronts, commercial premises and offices seeking a less oppressive look to security have four profiles to choose from. All shutters are able to mix solid and vision sections to optimise performance. Back lighting of the shutters combined with darker curtain colours greatly improves the perceived level of vision by virtue of the higher contrast between internal and external light levels. Polycarbonate glazing is available with some designs to provide increased security.

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Delivery & Installation Service


We offer a full delivery and installation service on our products. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and you will see that we aim to accommodate our customers requests.

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